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Islamic Sites

A Guide to Halal Food Selection by Halal Foundation   AAA Quranic Network
About Islam and Muslims   About Islam
Abusing the word Islam   Aisa Pacific Muslim Community - Da'wah Committee
Al Karam School   Al Qur'an was-Sunnah Society
Al-Islam and the Signs of the Last Day   Al-Islam
Al-Muslim   American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism
Anti Ahmadiyya Movement Homepage   ArabesQ Islamic Homeschool Connection
Association of Muslim Researchers   As-Sunnah Foundation of America
Belfast Mosque & BICNews   Benevolence International Foundation
Bism Rabbik Foundation   CAIR
Caltech Muslim Students   Central Illinois masjid and Islamic Center
City of Light; The Path to the True Islam   Complete Beauty of Religion
Converts To Islam   Discover Islam
Hanif's Page on ISLAM   Harun Yahya Series
Home of The Islam WebRing   IANA 1418
ICNA Main Page   Inernational Islamic Dawah Centre
International Islamic University Malaysia   Investigating Islam
Islaam   Islam 101
ISLAM in Itlay   Islam in Southern Oregon
Islam Islam Islam   Islam Page For Dhikr Allah
Islam The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth   ISLAM
Islamic Association for Palestine   Islamic Center of Blacksburg
Islamic Center of Greater Austin   Islamic Center of Minnesota
Islamic Center of Southern California   Islamic centers online
Islamic Council of New South Wales Inc. in Australia   Islamic Foundataion of America, Springfield VA
Islamic Gateway   Islamic Party of Britain
Islamic Relief   Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)
Islamic Ring   Islamic Society of North America
Islamic Society of UNSW in Australia   Islamic Society of Wichita
Islamic Texts and Resources MetaPage   Islamic Voice
Islamic Web Sites - Resources   IslamiCity in Cyberspace
Jamiat Islamic Web Site Home Page   Jannah
KampungNet the Singapore Muslim Community Page   Knowledge of Islam
Latif Home   MSA-Net Home Page
Muhammad   Muslim Aid Australia Inc.
Muslim Parliament Homepage in Britain   Muslim Students' Association @ UT - Austin
Muslim Students Association   Muslim Students' League of Australia
Muslims Online - The Muslim Community Online Home Page
MuslimsOnline   Nida'ul Islam - The Call of Islam Magazine Online
One Islamic State of Caliphate-Khilafah Home - Dr. Yousuf Al Qaradawi's page
Qur'an and Sunnah Net Group ( QSNetGroup )   Raheeq Al-Maktoom
Regional Islamic Da'Wah Council of Asia & the Pacific   SalafiNet
Salaf-us-Salih Homepage   Shimane Muslims Association in Japan
Sunnah of Mohammad (pbuh)   Sunnah's Home Page
Taliban Online   The Arabic Paper
The Federation of Australian Muslim Students & Youth   The Islaamic Network
THE ISLAM PAGE   The Islamic Center of South Florida
The Islamic Page   The Islamic Resources Page
The Muslim Student Association of Southern Illinois University   The Muslim Students' Association
The Names of ALLAH   The Revival Of Islamic Da'Wah (TROID)
The Sunnah Islamic Page   The Wisdom Fund
Topics in Islam   UK Islamic Education WAQF
United States Muslim Community Home Page   USC Muslim Students Association Islamic Server
Welcome to Salafi Publications   Welcome to Shariah.Net - The Legal Law of Islam


Ask Musalman! Search Engine to Islamic Sites and Muslim Resources.

Islamic Calligraphy for Personal Computer
FREE Islamic graphics!


Women in Islam

About Islam and Women   Adhaanul Mu'minaat ~ The Believing Women
Al-Mujalbaba (Muslim Clothing Online)   Banati Design & Collection
Islam - Elevation of Women's Status   Islam - The Modern Religion
Islam & Women   Islam The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth
Islamic Clothing at Al Muhajabat Hijab-Jilbab   Muslim Women of Maryland
Muslim Women's Homepage   Muslim Women's League
Muslimah net   Nisa' Home Page for Muslim Sisters
Rokn Al-Mar'a   Sister Iman Al Mu'minah
The complete Hijab   The Muslim Woman
Women in Islam   Women in Islam-main
Zahra's Homepage on Islam!    

Islam & Kids

Adam's World   Al Noor for Islamic Arts
Amaani's Online Monthly Activity Program   ArabesQ - Developing & Educating the Islamic Child
Ashbal Al-Islam   Barakah - for young Muslims
Bismillah - the Islamic page for kids   CatStevens.Com - Islamic Songs by Yusuf Islam
Children's Playrooms   Islamic Coloring Pages for Kids
Islamic Homework Help   Jannah Learning Center. The Prescribed Prayers
Just For Muslim Kids   Kids' Home @ Sound Vision
Muhammad's Ghetto   Muslim Youth Lounge Postcard Center
Muslim youth lounge   Online Muslim Youth
Play & Learn (Islamic Web Site for Children)    

Islam & Parenting

Education of children in Ramadan   Islamic Education Foundation
Islamic Parent's stuff   Page for parents
Sex Education an Islamic Perspective   The Muslim Youth in America
World of Islam The Family    

Islam & Science

A Scientist's Interpretation of References to Embryology in the Qur'an   Association of Muslim Researchers
Classical Islamic Biomedicine   Islam & Science
Islam and Science Homepage   Islam, Christianity and Science
Islam, Knowledge, and Science   Islamic Thought (MSA @ University at Buffalo)
Islam's contribution to Science
Lectures on Islamic medicine   Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization
Online Islamic Medicine Course Series   Science and Technology
Science in Islam   Science in the Quran
Science proves Islam's truth   The Quran and Modern Science
The Qur'an, Knowledge, and Science   This is the truth
Translations of Famous Scientific Books Written During 750-1500 C.E.   Welcome to The World of AL-E'IJAZ


Islamic Services

AHAD - A Hadith A Day   Al Manar Television - Main Page
Al Muhaddith Islamic Library and Search Program   Al-Madrasah Al-Ula - THE Magazine for Muslim Home Schoolers
Alsafaa Wal Marwa Islamic Cloth   American Muslim Assistance   AOU (American open University) Home Page
ArabesQ Islamic Academy   ArabesQ Shopping Place
Assirat al-Mustaqeem Magazine OnLine   Books on Islam (Halalco Books)
CJB Great literature at not-so-great prices!   Dar-us-Salam Publications -Online Islamic Bookstore
Fatwa   Institute of Islamic Banking & Insurance
Islamic Banking and Finance Net   Islamic Bookstore
Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry   Islamic Clothing; Hijab,Jilbab & Muslim Fashions
Islamic Educational and Home School Resources   Islamic Electronic Greeting Cards
Islamic Halaal Food Monitor of Canada   Islamic Information & Products Sound Vision Online
Islamic School Addresses in North America   Islamic Training Foundation
Islamic.Finder Finding Islamic Places and Prayer times   Islamicweb Virtual Greeting Cards
List of Muslim Financial Institutions   List of Muslim Relief Organizations in Alphabetical Order
Madrasah - Net   Magazines and Newsletters
Masjid Addresses in Canada   Masjid Addresses in the United States
Medina Arabic Language Courses with Cassettes   Muslim Cemeteries in North America
Muslim Matrimonial Link   Muslim Public Affairs Council
Muslim Salat Times   Muslim Web Works quality digital design
Muslims HyperBanner Network   MuslimsOnline
Nida'ul Islam - The Call of Islam Magazine Online   On-line Muslims Business Directory
Salafi Publications - Main Page   Islamic Bookstore
Study Islam Online   The Directory of Muslim Businesses
The Islam WebRing   The Muslim Magazine
Welcome to Shariah.Net - The Legal Law of Islam Muslim Matrimonial Service


Islamic Software

Al Muhaddith - Download Files   Al Rafiq
Al-Aqsa Friday Speech   Al-Bukhari Hadith Audio
Dawat-e-Islami   Harf Information Technology Islamic Site
Harf Information Technology   Holy Quran Home Page
ISL Islam Software   Islamic Audio, Radio
Islamic Audios   Islamic Center of Blacksburg
Islamic Computing Centre U.K.   Islamsoft Home Page
Jannah AudioBase. Main audio page   Jannah. Download area
Muslim Software Page   Radio Al-Islam
RadioIslam   Sakhr Software Company
SoftBase Software Information Homepage   SoftBase Top Religion
Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an Main Page   The Islamway Radio
VOI Video    


Islamic Graphics

Center Le Graphique   ImagesOfMosques Graphics   Islamic & Arabic Arts & Architecture
Islamic Clip Art   Islamic gallery
Mosques Around The World   MSA @ UB - Calligraphy Islamic Images

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